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We follow calibration procedures, individually tailored to each manufacturer s model, design and performance specifications. Our procedures are designed to maximize the repeatability, reproducibility and accuracy of our instruments. These procedures have been developed in accordance with key standards for particle counters, data loggers and sensors including ISO

We deliver exceptional value for its clients through service that meets their needs. Since many of our clients have their own individual compliance requirements we offer multiple levels of calibration. These range from our ISO-level calibration, which provides the details required for the most stringent ISO regulatory compliance standards, to our Level 1 service which provides a basic, thorough service.

Airborne Particle Counters/ Aerosol Particle Measuring Devices (0.3µm, 0.5µm, 0.7µm, 1.0µm, 3.0µm, 5.0µm, 10.0µm, 25.0µm, 100.0µm) NABL
RTD Sensor with/without Indicator, Thermocouple Sensor with/without Indicator, Glass Thermometer, Temperature Baths, Oven Furnaces, Freezers, Capillary Thermometers, Bimetallic Thermometers, Data Loggers (-40°C to +150°C) Deep Freezer, Freezer, Temperature Bath (-80°C to +150°C) NABL
Digital/Analog Thermo Hygrometers, Thermo Hygrographs, Digital/Analog Hygrometer, Hygrographs, Humidity Sensors, Humidity Transmitter, Data Loggers (6%RH to 95%RH) NABL
- Environmental Chamber, Temperature Enclosure, Relative Humidity Mapping (Single & Multi point) (5%RH to 95%RH) NABL
Microbial Air Samplers (up to 100 LPM) NON NABL

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